- The Internet Clipboard

Copy and paste using the internet lets you move information between computers using your brain.

  1. Think up a unique URL that starts this
  2. Enter the URL in a browser and type or paste in what you want.
  3. On another computer or smartphone enter in the same URL to retrive the information.

For security the information in the cl1p url is destroyed as soon as it is read. Anyone visiting the same URL at a later time will not be able to see the message. is great for cases where you need to move data. (Like the contents of a text file) between devices when e-mail, or shared drives is not pratical.

Perhaps you need to move a log file off a computer you don't trust.

Or you might need to move some clipboard info between two seperate computers. is a very quick and convient way to move data between devices connected to the internet.

Created and maintained by Rob Mayhew.Use at your own risk.

v1.2.1 - March 17, 2019